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Service Name Service Description USD (Exl. VAT 11%)
Courier Zone A Delivery of Passports at your Door step inside Beirut 12
Courier Zone B Delivery of Passports at your Door step outside Beirut 18
Photocopy applicants will be able to photocopy their documents 0.5( per page)
Print Out Print out of documents received by Email 1 (per page)
Photograph providing the applicant with 6 passport size photos 6 (per 6 photos)
Internet kiosk   Providing the applicant with PC & Printer to check or print missing documents for 10 mins slot 3( per 10 mins slot)
Premium lounge Providing the applicant with fast track access to lounge where he is attended by our executives whilst he/she can enjoying refreshments. The service is bundled with complementary services such as, courier, photo, photocopy, etc..

Use of the premium Lounge service does not affect the processing time of your application 
60 ( per applicant)
Hotel & Flight Booking assisting the applicant with hotel and flight booking 20% on top of agency pricing
Travel Insurance Providing the applicant with travel insurance policy 27 USD for 15 days
33 USD for  32 days
66 USD for 92 days
Mobile Application Collection(MAC) Our executive agents will be going to the location of the applicant (house, office, etc..) to check, verify and collect the applications. 90(per applicant)
Flexi Collection enables the applicant to collect his passport at any time during the day as per his/her convenience 7 ( per applicant)
Prime Time enable the applicant to apply during Saturdays 30( per applicant)
Notary Notarize required documents 54 (per document)
Translation (Family & Ind. Extract) translating from Arabic to English (commercial circular, Registration Certificate, employment letter, criminal record, travel permission, Undertaking, Proof of Residence) 15( per document)
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